What is LIMUS Musikskola?
LIMUS is a private international music school. It provides professional education in music for all ages and many instruments. At LIMUS you will find a well structured organisation, curricula for individual and ensemble lessons, concerts, projects, ABRSM exams and a contagious love for music making.

LIMUS is owned and organized by its teachers. Talking to us means always talking to professional teachers. LIMUS is financed mainly by the students fees and partly be subsidies given to students through the music cheque. In Sweden, no other subsidies are given to private music schools. All prices include 25% VAT. In 2020 LIMUS was celebrating its 10th anniversary with around 500 students and 24 teachers.

– How do I apply?
First of all you need to decide on one of our programmes, which are
1) “Music Kindergarten”: children 4-6 ys, lessons in a little group
2) ” Growing with music”: children and young people 5- 20 ys, individual lessons, a.r. combined with ensemble
3) ” Mindfulness in music”: adults, individual lessons with instrument or singing
4-6) other courses.
Use our online application here.  See our courses and prices in English here.
Students registered in Lund and born 2010-2016 are eligible for the music cheque, a subsidy from Lunds kommun. Read more and apply here. Students age 7-20 registered in Staffanstorp can apply for the music cheque of Staffanstorps kommun here.
Support: We will happily help you with your specific questions. Just get in touch with us!
Quick fix: 0702-46 03 71 weekdays 10.00 – 11.00

– When will my lessons take place?

Lessons in the Music Kindergarten are scheduled in advance. Look at ”Tider music Kindergarten och vuxenensembler”.

Private lessons in all other programmes will be scheduled individually.

Children and young people in program 2) Growing with music, will have a set time for their weekly lesson for a whole term.
New schedules will be established together with the teacher at the start of every school year.
Let us know in advance which time your child is available. The more choices the better. Tell your teacher at the end of a term if you need to adjust your schedule in the following term.

Punch tickets for private lessons for adults, and summer punch tickets, will be scheduled independently together with the teacher.

– What happens after I have applied for individual lessons?
We will contact you by phone to find out more about your plans.
After matching you up with one of our teachers and available time slots, the teacher will call you.
Together you will decide on a starting date and time for your first private lesson.
You will even talk about further scheduling.
In case we can’t offer an available timeslot we will get back to you asap.

– What happens after I have applied for Music Kindergarten?

Normally you will receive just a short confirmation by email.
About 10 days before the starting date you will get an email with more information.
Courses will be started with at least 4 participants. If more than 6 children are applying, we will put the latest application in queue for the next course.

– How do I pay?

All our courses will be billed by LIMUS except those which are supported by the “music cheque” in Lunds or Staffanstorps Kommun. Read more about the music cheque here. In that case Lunds or Staffanstorps Kommun will send you an invoice. All invoices will be sent by normal mail.

Please remember to provide the billing number (fakturanummer) on your payments!!

– I have already had some lessons but didn’t get a bill?

LIMUS has made an active choice to put most resources into teaching and good equipment.
Sometimes we are more occupied with musical matters than with money matters  Bills may be late but they will appear. If not – which could happen by accident – we are grateful for a reminder 🙂

– I recieved a bill in June for start in August – why do you bill so early?

Billing in advance makes it possible to guarantee teachers work and pupils the first row to schedule. It allows us to plan for rooms and concerts- and also to pay our rents for the houses. We only bill early for continual courses after the deadline for cancelling.  It is also always possible to only pay 50% in advance. Other courses will be billed just before the start.

Do I buy closed units or do I need to cancel a place?
Please read our rules on LIMUS Cancellation Policy.
Short version:
Courses in Music Kindergarten are closed units with 10 lessons.
You don’t need to cancel but you get a question whether your child wishes to continue. A new application is needed for every course.

Course in program 2) Growing with music:
These courses are continual. A place needs to be cancelled not later than May 1 before the fall term and Dec 1 before the spring term. We need to get a written cancellation by email or mail.
If you already have got a bill for the following term and we did not hear from you before 7 days after the expiry date you are committed to pay 50% of the fee for the course.
Talk to us in advance if maybe you are unsure about leaving Sweden for another country. In that case we’ll find individual solutions.

Punch tickets and summer punch tickets are closed units. No cancelling is needed. You can buy a new punch ticket as soon as you like. Your initial application can easily be reactived by writing us an email that you would like to buy a new punch ticket.

– Our child has participated in Music Kindergarten but now we would like to change to continual individual lessons. Do we need to send a new application?
Yes, that’s right. The natural choice would be on track 2, course 2a). In case you are living in Lunds or Staffanstorps Kommun you child will be eligible for the music cheque from the age of 7.  Talk to us and we´ll help to find the right application for you!

– We heard about someone teaching for 200 SEK for 30 min. Why should we pay 330 SEK for private lessons at LIMUS?
Most people teaching for low rate don’t pay taxes and VAT. To be sure not to buy ”black” lessons always ask for the registration number and check e.g. www.ratsit.com whether the person is registered for teaching private lessons and paying VAT. Find out whether this ”teacher” has studied for higher levels of music and why he/she is not working officially.
You and your childs love for music are worth more than ”black” moneymaking.
Buying lessons from LIMUS is your guarantee that all taxes, VAT and insurances for the teachers will be paid. And of course you gain the whole range of knowledge, concerts and workshops which only can be provided by a group of professionals.

– What is the best time to talk to you by phone?
Fredrik is easiest to reach weekdays 10-12.00
You could always write an email and we will call you back at another time.
Ask your teacher about the best time to call. The phone number is provided on the bill.

– To whom do I talk to if I´m not satisfied?

You always have two people att LIMUS to talk to: your teacher and/or Gabriele. Both of them respond to comments concerning music teaching issues. Comments concerning administration will be responded by Gabriele. Never hesitate to talk to us if you find something that is not as you expected it to be. We are all professional music teachers and will try to do our very best for you!