Courses and prices

Courses and prices as of jan 2022. All prices incl. 25% VAT.  

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Track 1.) Music Kindergarten for children 3-6 ys.
Ten lessons with 45 min each in small groups.
For current dates, ages, schedules, seeTider Music Kindergarten
The entire course fee must be paid in advance. Price per course: 1 800 SEK/stud
a) Mondays: Hej min fiol, Swedish
b) Thursdays: IPZ! (The Instrument Petting Zoo), Swedish
c) Fridays: Pianolek, Swedish
d) lördagar: IPZ! International, mixed languages
e) Sundays; Key Kids, English
f) Thursdays resp. Saturdays: Parents in tune, mixed languages: Price per course: 2 800 SEK/1 child+1 adult

Track 2.) Growing with music. (”Att växa med musiken”)
Individual continual courses for children and adolescents. Cancellation before the
following term must be made by mail/e-mail to LIMUS no later than June 1 before
the fall term, or Dec 1 before the spring term. 13 individual lessons/term, 2 of them
altern. ensemble + active/passive concert. Weekly lessons according to a
schedule for the whole term (“See “Terminstider och undervisningsveckor”), two replacement weeks.
Fee must be paid 50% in advance and 50% after the fifth lesson. Fee per term:
a) 30 min/week 4 300 SEK
aa) 25 min/week x 15 weeks with Lunds or Staffanstorps music cheque: see separate info
b) 45 min/week (also prep to Int. Certifications ABRSM) 5 900 SEK
c) 60 min/week (also Young Academy) 6 990 SEK
d) Kompiskurs: 13×45 min with 2 students who apply together 3 400 SEK/stud
e) Addition course for music cheque students 13 x 15 min (40 min/week in total) 2 800 SEK
f) Suzuki violin/Suzuki piano: 10 x 30 min individual + 4 x 45 min group lesson with an examined Suzuki teacher  4 600 kr

Track 3.) Mindfulness in music. Punch ticket for adults.
Punch tickets for adults and students. 10 lessons, valid 6 months from start. The whole fee must be paid in advance.
Start whenever. Individual booking for every lesson.
Rescheduling: 48 hours in advance.
a) Tioklippkort 30 min 4 420 SEK
b) Tioklippkort 45 min 5 880 SEK
c) Individual preparation in aural training/theory for you who wish to do apply to higher education 5 900 kr
420 min in total. Info & coordination: Fredrik Schützer 0702-46 03 71

Track 4.) Group courses for youngsters: Joy and Knowledge
For times and ages, see here and here. Information & coordination: Fredrik Schützer 0702-46 03 71
a) Music theory and aural training. Whole year course. 20 x 50 minutes. From 9 years and up 2 400 SEK/stud
b) “Instrumentkarusellen”. 10 x 45 minutes. Ages 7-8 ys. Start w 10, 36 and 48. 1 800 SEK/stud
c) Find your singing voice. 5 x 50 minutes. From 9 years and up. Only for students enrolled in our line 2 . 720 SEK/stud
d) Reed making for oboeists 5 x 100 min (beginners course with tools and material: 2 500 kr) 1 900 SEK/stud

Track 5.) Maxflex, Gift cards. Crash course music theory. Tryout-lesson.
Individual booking. Billing to an alternate address is possible.
a) One individual lesson 50 min. Also: rehearsal with pianist 600 SEK
Can also be used as a giftcard.
b) Crash Course in music theory and aural training for adults. 2 x 110 min lessons + 70 min individual work.
Two people can split the fee. 3 200 kr
c) Try-out lesson 20 minutes for children up to 15 ys, just once for every instrument free

Track 6.) Music is a language, for you 15 ys and older.
Cello ensemble, Baroque ensemble, Jazz ensemble,
Some previous knowledge is required.
Eight lessons with 70 min in a small group (specify ensemble). 2 800 SEK/stud

Track 7.) Summer courses, entire curriculum and Vinterklippkort (Winter courses)
See the entire curruculum here.