Parents in tune.

Anmälan / Online application

“In tune….” =  Making music together with your little child!
The price for 12 lessons with 45 minutes for 1 child + 1 active learning adult is 3 360kr.
For this course we recommend a guitar and a ukulele for you and your child at home.

Our Parents in tune-courses are as much addressed to the parent as to the child. Learn how to make music together and discover different sorts of instruments!

Together you will be introduced to the guitar/ukulele, the violin/cello, the piano/harp and of course the flute/recorder. Find out which instrument fits your child and start the journey with music by holding, playing and listening to real instruments. Our teacher brings them in different sizes to the lesson.

As in all other Music Kindergarten courses, basics of music such as rhythm, pulse, dynamics etc. are part of every lesson. Here we use our rich setting of rhythm instruments. As a bonus you will go home with a treasure chest of songs in different languages.

Languages are mixed, English and Swedish, depending on the group. Songs could also be chosen in other languages. Music is an international language!

Please note: We are not accepting more than 4 “pairs” in a group. This means that the positions are fully booked very often. Please let us know directly if you would like to wait for a later start in that case.

To be in tune and stay in tune is not always easy with young children. But surely you will learn how to come in good tune with new tunes 🙂